MathWorks MATLAB R2018b v9.5 x64 Free Download + Crack

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The MathWorks Company product called Matlab is one of the most powerful numerical calculator and the advanced graph drawer. It has many useful feature for students, engineers and researchers of all kinds of scientific fields.  it is not limited to mathematical calculations.

With the possibility of easy coding a variety of engineering calculations can be done. The first version of this software was presented at New Mexico and Stanford University in 1970 to solve the problem of matrix theory and numerical analysis. thousands of users use this software for academic and  industrial purpose.

this software includes subjects like advanced mathematics, electronics, telecommunications and system engineering. Mathematics is the common language of many engineering sciences. The matrix, differential equations, graph drawing and etc are used in this software.

This software is used in almost every field of engineering. In any subject that requires mathematical calculations, numerical analysis and mathematical simulation. Some projects are usually design and calculate using C and Fortran programming languages. Those projects can be solved much more easily and faster using MATLAB.

This software has different tools. And each tool is special. You can simply write your own codes using MATLAB and even create a special toolkit. In fact , MATLAB is an easy programming language. With much more advanced tools than Fortran and C. we have very powerful tool known as Simulink in MATLAB.

This tool enable this software to simulate control systems. This software has high graphical capabilities. The MathWorks company will publish two copies of MATLAB software every year. The first six month version is signed by the letter “A” and the second six months with the letter “B”. Therefore, it is best to choose the version B for download.

Key capabilities of MathWorks MATLAB :

– Integrated action .

– optimized for mathematics .

– theoretical use .

– physical simulation .

– HDL and FPGA programming .

– easier programming than C and Fortran .

– many engineering tool-kits .

– include radio and telecommunications models .

–  supporting of Radio USRP .

– building code from Object .

– making dynamic library .

– simulation of EDA .

– beautiful user interface .

– support for the graphics card .

– support for LDPC .

compatible with versions of Windows, Linux and Mac .

size = 12.56 GB ( Windows )

Part 1Download

Part 2Download

Part 3Download

Part 4Download

Part 5Download

Part 6Download

Part 7Download

Just Patch ( 66 KB ) – Download


Note : you should download all parts.

How to crack :
1- Download all parts.
2- Use “Winrar” program to extract downloaded.Zip parts.
3- Use password in this page to Extract begins.
4- Install Software.
5- when install begins choose “Use a File Installation Key”.
6- check “I Have the File Installation Key for My Lisence.”
7- Enter ” 41297-21751-64350-53955-07443-09806 ” Or “09806-07443-53955-64350-21751-41297”
8- finally uncheck “Active MATLAB” and click finish.
9- do not run software and if it runs close it.
10- go to “Cracked File” folder and copy “R2018bfolder.
11- paste it in installation folder like: “Program Files\MATLAB\R2018b”
12- Run MATLAB.
13- choose “Active Manually Without the Internet”.
14- next choose “Enter the Full Patch to Your licence File.”
15- in opened window going to “Cracked File” and choose “License” and press “Next.”
16- close MATLAB and reopen it . Now it fully cracked.

How to download ?

1- We may use link shortener so you need to pass this step to download begins.

2- If download files are in several parts you should download all parts.

3- Use password in the page to extract them.

4- Install software.

5- Use crack folder to crack your downloaded software.

  • If you cant crack or link broken inform us.

  • Josue says:

    I think step 10 and 11 are not correct, you have to copy the file “netapi32.dll” that is in “crackR2018bbinwin64” and paste it in “Program FilesMATLABR2018bbinwin64”

  • raynelds1984 says:

    Good work!!!

  • Prash says:

    After installation until step 9, copy the netapi.dll file from cracked folder R2018binwin64 and paste in the installed folder like C:ProgramsR2018bbinwin64 and also paste the license file in the licenses folder in the installed folder. Works perfectly. Thanks a lot !!

  • Steve says:

    extracting keeps failing says the password is incorrect. I’m using,, as stated above.

  • jack says:

    can you please help me about step 7

  • Shahariar Hasan says:

    Thank you very much…

  • martin says:

    Is it possible to get the hardware support packages with this cracked version?

  • nikos says:

    i cant get through step 15. please help me

  • Mandal says:

    Can you also post the MATLAB2018b for Ubuntu x64 ?

  • Doherty says:

    Thanks..I find it.

  • Doherty says:

    Sorry I dont find the code for winrar open the files.

  • sAW says:

    Sorry, it worked!

  • anonymous says:


  • Raff says:

    The first part file extracts with the password mentioned. the others don’t, 7_zip says “wrong password”. Could you help……..

    • admin says:

      i update files and previous password doesnt work . this new files better cracked. previous password is “”

  • anon says:

    it keeps referring me to other sites, cannot download

  • IG says:


  • gogo says:

    Are rar archives OK? Winrar reports “unknown format or damaged”.
    Is it just my local problem or some general one?

  • Ramon says:

    In step 11, do I have to paste the R2018b copied folder over the R2018b in installation folder. There is already a folder with the same name.

  • Fail says:

    Hi! The installation give me the error -8 HostID of the license isn’t the same of the HostID of the machine. Could you help me?

    • admin says:

      are you sure that you dont get error while extracting parts ?

      • Fail says:

        No, I extract the files with 7-zip clicking only on the first file and it doesn’t give me error and then I perform the installation, seems that is all ok but when I perform steps 13-14-15 for software activation it gives the error 42(not 8). The message is: License Messsage error -42 Invalid parameters… Licensing error -42,298. Thanks a lot!

  • Karl says:

    Is the InstallForMacOSX missing?


  • Fernando says:

    Hello: I would know if this version which I´m downloading is compatible with MacOS or not (Is only windows compatible)

  • Julien says:

    how to find the file installation key ?

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