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Hiding information in computers has always been one of the problems of computer users. Even with new security facilities of Windows XP, the problem remains unresolved. This tool has not yet solved the problem of users who share a system. Therefore, users have switched to their new ways.

Each one is protecting their information by different ways. Some of these methods are: Data compression, placing the password on files and folders, hiding information on Windows through Hidden tool, hiding the drives by editing in the windows register and so on.

Since this tricks are being used among many users, different methods of passing them are available. As a result, stealing information is also easily available and possible.

Steganos Safe is a software tool used to create virtual drives on hard disk drives. You will have an electronic safe box in order to protect the important information of the system. These files will contain files of documents, pictures, film, text and .EXE with any volume.

For eight reasons, you need to encode and secure your information:

– Forget or loss your laptop into the subway.
– You cant remove all Information from the hard disk and its possible to restore by someone else.
– Prevent accessing to flash info and files if you loss it.
– Prevent accessing to your hard disk data and using it by hackers.
– To avoid accessing your personal computer critical information if you loss it.
– Avoid accidental viewing of your files.
– Prevent unauthorized persons to access your confidential documents.

Key capabilities of Steganos Safe software:

– It has three powerful encryption methods, depending on the importance of information.
– Encrypt files with more than 256 GB.
– Ability to build 4 virtual drives to store files, movies, pictures, and etc. .
– Encrypt information on the CDs and DVD, or even rewriteable on USB drives via Steganos Portable Safe.
– Open an electronic box without password and via a USB.
– Store passwords on portable devices such as iPod, USB, Mobile phone or Digital camera.
– Decrypt locked files on Flash memory or MP3 Player.
– Support the shortcut keys to open electronic boxes.
– Tools for removing files so they not recovered at all.
– Easy software update wizard.
– Perfect performance with Microsoft Windows versions.
– Faster access to your electronic box.
– Store your emails in secure location.
And much more.

Steganos Safe 19.0.1 Revision 12208 (31 MB) – Download

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