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The addiction to everything, or even someone, can make a big difference in mind and physical. Some addiction like drugs, alcohol and … not just effect himself but the people around him will damage too. There are many ways to leave addiction. Thousands of people leave this disease every year and return to the society.

Technology is no exceptionand tried to make new ways to leave addiction. ” Sober Time Unlocked ” is an application to help addict people which developed by SocioSoft for Android. It ‘s all very easy , and you will be able to communicate with thousands of other people.

The environment of this software is like a social network and you can share your problems with other people. You can ask questions about leaving addiction to be more successful at achieving your goal. From the moment the program is installed, your leaving time will count by software.

Every day the impulse messages are sent to the users to stand on their if you ready to leave addiction with help of other people install this app.

Features :

Tracking the time of leaving drug addiction .

Daily impulse messages to stand on your decision.

Observe the amount of money saved at any given time.

Communicate with other users.

Setting goals for a better life.

Various data from each stage.

Share your progress with your friends.

Sober Time Unlocked 3.09 (8 MB) – Download

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